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T5 LARGE RM Гросс-СМИТ со съемным монитором.



T5 LARGE RM Гросс-СМИТ со съемным монитором.
Артикул: #129
Описание: Гросс-СМИТ со съемным монитором.То же, что и описанный выше тренажер Гросс-СМИТ, снабженный для дополнительной реалистичности и удобства съемным монитором, который устанавливается на отдельный пьедестал, входящий в комплект.

The T5 Large RM is a complete minimally invasive training system that does not require video equipment, simple to set up and portable. It is similar to the T5 Large with the added feature of a removable monitor and stand. It includes the large pelvic box + SimScope™ (camera) + 10” monitor. It is versatile because it can be used for basic laparoscopic skills to advanced procedural training, including camera navigation for an individual or a team. Residents may practice on the T5 Large RM to acquire the skills incorporated into the FLS® modules. The T5 Series is designed to be used for team training or as a one-person laparoscopic suturing workstation.

Производитель: 3-Dmed